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1997 Award Categories

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1. Lifetime Achievement
Jon Postel, IANA Director and RFC Editor

Accepting the award: Jon Postel

Dr. Jon PostelDr. Jon Postel is the Director of the Computer Networks research division of the Information Sciences Institute of USC. As such he is responsible for a research group of 70 staff members and students working on many aspects of computer communication technology, including advanced protocols, high speed networks, large scale networks, distributed systems, and computer security. In addition, there are a number of Internet infrastructure activities under Jon's supervision.

Dr. Postel was involved in one way or another with all the early protocols of the ARPANET and the Internet, often as the document editor, but at least as one of the design team.

These protocols include the ARPANET Host-to-Host protocol, Telnet, FTP, Email, the Internet Protocol, Transmission Control Protocol, and the Domain Name System.

In particular, Jon was the author of the specifications for the Internet Protocol (IP), which is the essential feature of the Internet; and the Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP), which is the basis for email in the Internet. Further, Jon provided much of the conceptual design for the Domain Name System (DNS). Jon has served as the RFC Editor for the past 28 years. The RFCs are the collective notes of the Internet engineering community and include documents ranging from the discussion of ideas and alternative approaches to various protocol issues, to the final specification of Internet standards. The RFCs have played a key role in the establishment and evolution of key features of the Internet.

Jon Postel is also the Director of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), the organization responsible for overseeing the domain name system, the allocation of Internet addresses, and the registration of numerous protocol parameters for the Internet engineering community.

Jon took on the task of keeping the lists of protocol parameters in the early days of the ARPANET and has had it ever since. Only later, in 1989, was the name Internet Assigned Numbers Authority invented to describe this task. Dr. Postel cannot be thanked enough for his contributions to the Internet for his contributions to the communications scene.

Dr. Jon Postel
USC/Information Sciences Institute
4676 Admiralty Way
Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Tel: 310-822-1511 - Fax: 310-823-6714
Email: or

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2. Man of the Year - Personal Achievement
Jack Rickard, Editor & Publisher

Boardwatch Magazine and ISP Directory

Accepting the award: Jack Rickard

Jack RickardJack Rickard is editor and publisher of Boardwatch Magazine, a monthly publication covering the Internet access and Web services industries. Published monthly since 1987, Boardwatch Magazine is widely hailed as the authoritative print publication covering the Internet Service Provider community and the developing technologies for the Internet. Rickard also publishes the Boardwatch Magazine Directory of Internet Service Providers, a bimonthly publication containing listings on over 4,200 Internet Service Providers in the United States, Canada and Brazil broken down by area code, including services and pricing information, as well as detailed instructions for consumers and businesses on what the Internet is, why someone might want to be on it, how to configure hardware to GET on it, and how to use it once you’re there.

Rickard serves as President of Online Networking Expositions, Inc., promoters of the Internet Service Provider Convention (ISPCON), an annual trade show and convention of ISPs and Web service providers held each August since 1992.

Prior to founding Boardwatch Magazine, Rickard spent twelve years developing communications and electronic technologies for the defense and aerospace industries with McDonnell Aircraft Corporation, Emerson Electric Electronics & Space Division, Martin Marietta Denver Aerospace and Martin Marietta Data Systems as an engineer and systems analyst.

Jack Rickard represents the Renaissance Man of the Internet.

He foretold the coming of the BBS revolution, he foresaw the explosive growth of the Internet, and saw the need to change the BBS model before anyone else.

His Boardwatch Magazine and the Directory of Internet Service Providers have gained worldwide attention and attracted a cult-like following. Most importantly, in 1997, Jack took on the entire backbone industry with a definitive study of faulty performance and false claims. Above all others, in 1997 he is The Man of the Year.

Jack Rickard, Editor and Publisher
Boardwatch Magazine and Internet Service Provider Directory
President and CEO, ONE and ISPCON
8500 West Bowles Avenue, Suite 210
Littleton, CO 80123

Tel: 800-933-6038 or 303-973-6038 – Fax: 303-973-3731

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3. Personal Achievement – Network Engineering
Paul Mockapetris for DNS Design and Implementation

Accepting the award: Paul Mockapetris

Paul MockapetrisIn 1982, Jon Postel suggested to Paul Mockapetris the task of pulling together a bunch of rough ideas on a new naming scheme for the devices on the Internet. Paul’s recollection is that he got the name "Domain Name System" from somebody else. But the designing began with a clean sheet of paper. The results were documented in RFCs 881-883 of November 1983.

This led to the name structure and system in use today. Over time, many people helped with the development of DNS, but the early implementations started in 1983 by Paul at ISI along with the help of some grad students at Berkeley and Stanford. By 1986 the ISI implementation of DNS, "Jeeves", on the TOPS-20 system, and the Berkeley implementation "bind" were extremely complementary. Jeeves was the solid implementation running on the root servers, while bind was the vehicle for getting DNS adopted on UNIX.

Eventually the Berkeley distribution of UNIX became the de facto standard. Experiences in the earliest days led to RFCs 1031-1035 in November 1987. Mockapetris believes that the improvements made in these later specifications were crucial to the success of the system. According to Paul, "it’s always great to combine early implementation experience with the design before it gets deployed far and wide."

Craig Partridge wrote RFC 974 in January 1986, which documented the MX system used to deliver mail in the Internet using the DNS. Mike Karels, Kevin Dunlap, Van Jacobson, and others all worked to improve the bind code for UNIX. The NIC team at SRI International worked to maintain the root database and COM and EDU TLDs. Jake Feinler, Ken Harrenstein, Ole Jacobsen, Mary Stahl, and others used their operational skills (and Paul’s code from ISI) to support the deployment of the DNS and allow users to depend on the TLDs, while the UNIX codebase from Berkeley spread the system. Mark Lottor at SRI International started the famous Domain Surveys, which are the census of the Internet. More recently, UNIX became the reference platform for the Internet; today all of the root servers run UNIX. Paul Vixie and others get the credit. But DNS all began with Paul Mockapetris — This Year's Winner for Technical Excellence for Design and Implementation of DNS.

Paul Mockapetris, CTO

525 Anacapa Street
Santa Barbara, CA

Tel: 805-882-2470, extension 278 - Fax: 805-882-2473
Email: (Paul Mockapetris)

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4. Personal Achievement – Outstanding Global Interactive Personal Communications System

Jarkko Oikarinen, Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Accepting the award: Jarkko Oikarinen

Jarkko OikarinenJarkko Oikarinen wrote the original IRC program at the University of Oulu, Finland, in 1988. He designed IRC as a client-server program. The user runs a client program from his or her local machine, which then connects, via the Internet, to a server program which may not be running on that local machine. There are now hundreds of IRC servers throughout the world, all of which communicate with each other and pass information back to the client programs – and users – connected to them. IRC was first tested on a single machine with less than twenty users participating.

IRC’s networking capabilities were originally tested on a suite of three machines in southern Finland. Once tested it was installed throughout the Finnish national network - FUNET - and then connected to NORDUNET, the Scandinavian branch of the Internet. By November of 1988, IRC had spread across the Internet. The latest listing of countries whose Internet branches host IRC include Australia, the United States, Italy, Israel and Korea.

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It is a text-based means of real time communication. People gather together on channels. Each channel has a specific topic and can be made private or public, with full control in the hands of the channel’s creator. The IRC user runs a client program which connects to the IRC network. As its many thousands of users will attest, IRC has forever and fundamentally changed the way people interact on the Internet.

Jarkko Oikarinen
Ketjutie 81 C 4
90560 OULU

Tel: +011-358-8-5543349 (Work)
Fax: +011-358-8-5543379

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5. Technical Excellence/Best Use of Web Technology
Deja News Service

Accepting the award: Guy Hoffman, President and CEO

Deja News logoDeja News is the creator and operator of the largest search-and-retrieval engine on the World Wide Web for Internet Discussion Groups. Founded in May 1995, Deja News provides users with an easy and powerful Web interface for participating in discussions with people of like interests and for searching Internet Discussion Groups, (IDGs) including Usenet newsgroups.

Building on Deja News’ extensive database and proprietary search technology, Deja News’ eMarketing Campaign offers marketers a comprehensive suite of Internet-based marketing programs for rapidly reaching and influencing large, highly segmented and dynamic audiences.

Deja News is the de facto standard supplier of IDG content, serving 11 leading Internet companies including America Online, AT&T WorldNet Service, Bell South, Excite, Infoseek, Lycos, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, The Microsoft Network, Open Text, WebCrawler and Yahoo! Deja News’ IDG archive dates back to March 1995 and is continually updated with the latest postings. Currently, it contains 200 gigabytes of information, representing 130 million articles and postings from over 20,000 active discussion groups. Over 3.5 million people access IDGs through the Deja News site, viewing 70 million pages a month. Deja News is free to users and can be found on the Web at

Deja News, Inc.
9430 Research Boulevard
Echelon II, Suite. 350
Austin, TX 78759

Tel: 512-343-NEWS (6397) or 888-452-5875

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6. Outstanding Website Management & Design Tool
Microsoft FrontPage 97

Accepting the award: Manda Schossberger, Product Manager

FrontPage 97 logoFrontPage 97 with Bonus Pack represents a leap forward in ease of use for Web site creation and management. It brings the power of fast Web publishing to Webmasters and novices alike.

The Microsoft FrontPage 97 application suite makes it easy to create and manage professional looking Web sites.

In addition to great enhancements in the core FrontPage product such as a more intuitive user interface, support of leading edge Web technologies, more comprehensive tag support, new database connectivity, and the ability to edit HTML right in FrontPage, users also receive the Bonus Pack as part of their purchase.

The Bonus Pack includes Microsoft Personal Web Server, Microsoft Thesaurus, Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 and Microsoft Image Composer, thereby giving users a comprehensive set of tools for their Web site needs.

FrontPage Explorer is used to manage a Web site on servers with and without the FrontPage Extensions. Double clicking on a file invokes the Front Page Editor module, which includes a "preview in browser" option that lets you specify.

Microsoft Corp.
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-6399

Tel: 800-426-9400 or 425-882-8080 – Direct sales: 800-MSPRESS
Fax: 425-93-MSFAX
Tech support: 425-454-2030, 425-637-7098 (Windows)
Tech support BBS: 425-936-6735

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7. Outstanding Internet-based Video Teleconferencing System
CU-SeeMe, Whitepine Software

Accepting the award: Brian Lichorowic, Vice President Marketing

CU-SeeMe banner White Pine’s CU-SeeMe brings low-cost, high quality teleconferencing right to your desktop by enabling users to communicate using video, audio, text-based chat, and whiteboard collaboration using your existing TCP/IP networks. With over three million users, CU-SeeMe is the worlds most popular videoconferencing software. CU-SeeMe recently won the PC Computing Magazine’s A-List award as the Best Videoconferencing software. (September, 1997).

MeetingPoint also won BYTE Magazine’s PC EXPO ’97 Best of Show Award, which is given to new products that are innovative and will have impact on information technology. (June, 1997)

While this powerful software allows point-to-point connections, it also makes video chat and group video conferencing possible through the use of White Pine’s MeetingPoint Conference Server - the first and only software-based H.323-compliant conference server available.

Together, CU-SeeMe and MeetingPoint provide the only software-based, H.323 compliant client/server solution enabling real-time communication and collaboration over the Internet or corporate Intranet.

Brian Lichorowic, Vice President
Scott Cavanagh, Partners Program Manager
White Pine Software Inc.
542 Amherst Street
Nashua, NH 03063

Tel: 800-241-7463 or 603-886-9050, extension 401
Fax: 603-886.9051
URL: or

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8. Best Internet Foreign Language Tool

Easy Translator, Transparent Language, Inc.

Accepting the award: Michael Quinlan, Founder, Chairman/CEO

EZ TranslatorThe Web lives in many places and speaks many languages. A French speaker searching for information on Glaucoma may find it on the Internet in English. An American working for Siemens may find that the information she needs is on the company intranet, but in German.

Easy Translator allows you to translate Web pages, email, memos, and more, using software programs you already have on your computer. When you translate a web page, Easy Translator retains the format, pictures, and links of the original web page and displays the translation in your Internet browser.

The Clipboard translator in Easy Translator provides quick and easy translations of text within the clipboard itself. After translating, you can paste the results into the same document, another document, or anywhere else that supports pasting.

For casual documents and for getting the gist of text in other languages, Easy Translator translates with the accuracy and quality you need. It doesn’t just substitute words, it breaks down complex sentence structures, identifies parts of speech, resolves ambiguities, and synthesizes the information into the components and structure of the new language.

Transparent Language, Inc.
22 Proctor Hill Road
P.O. Box 575
Hollis, NH 03049

Tel: 603-465-2230 or 800-332-8851
Fax: 603-465-9850

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9. Outstanding Internet Commerce Development Tool
GoldPaint Shopping Cart Software

Accepting the award: Jon Gibson, President Knowledge Link

Gold Paint cartoonGoldPaint Shopping Cart is not a set of Perl scripts but a complete shopping system that requires no cgi programming to operate. Goldpaint is a user-friendly system that uses HTML Tags to program catalog pages. The system comes with a browser-based utility used to manage your online mall and runs on any WWW server.

Goldpaint is fully secure and encrypts all sensitive information. The system has a built-in feature that remembers all customers and their shipping and payment information so they never have to enter it twice. Secured servers can be easily interfaced with this shopping system.

Goldpaint can be interfaced to a database and generate your Website on the fly using its built-in database access and support for text, ODBC, sequel server, tab delimited text files, etc. Finally, Goldpaint has its own scripting language that can be used to develop applications other than shopping carts and data access.

Mark Stubbins, President
40547 Winsor Road
Temecula, CA 92591

Tel: 909-693-0458
Fax: 909-693-1171

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10. Outstanding Global Web-based Email System


Accepting the award: Sabeer Bhatia, CEO and President

HotMail logoHotmail is an innovative young company that has translated the cost and complexity of installing and operating legacy e-mail systems into the simplicity and universality of the Internet. Like other popular Web sites, Hotmail is advertising-supported, allowing the company to offer personal, fully functional e-mail for free.

Launched on U.S. Independence Day (July 4), 1996, Hotmail has a compelling vision – to make e-mail the number-one Internet application, accessible from any computer with a Web browser, from anywhere in the world – and in the process to change the way people communicate. Hotmail has created technology that integrates the functionality of text-based e-mail messaging with the multimedia and global access capabilities of the Web. In less than one minute, you can register for a Hotmail account and begin sending and receiving messages to any other email address in the world.

Since its launch, Hotmail has registered more than 8,000,000 members. Today, more than 50,000 new members sign up for Hotmail every day. The company has forged relationships with leading content providers such as CNET, USA Today, iVillage, Thrive!, Microsoft’s Slate, and many others. In addition, Hotmail recently announced that it is the exclusive provider of Web-based e-mail to more than 840 Kinko’s branches in the US and Canada.


Hotmail Corporation
1290 Oakmead Parkway
Suite 218
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Tel: 408-222-7000 – Fax: 408-222-7020

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11. Best High Performance Web Page Servers
AlphaServer 4100 and AlphaServer 8400

Accepting the award: Nancy Epple, Vice President – Internet and Windows NT Solutions, Digital Equipment Corporation

The AlphaServer 4100 systems from Digital Equipment Corporation are the first midrange platforms to offer 64-bit, very-large-memory configurations for high performance, scalability, and value. For growing enterprises with new computing challenges like fast-growing and unpredictable Internet demands, legacy systems to migrate, application growth to accommodate, and expanding business demands, Digital AlphaServer 4100 systems provide the best, most flexible high-performance platform developed to date.

The AlphaServer 4100 platform can handle four 466 MHz Alpha processors and 8 gigabytes of memory, probably the most powerful configuration of any current midrange system. Users can choose from three operating systems, Digital UNIX, OpenVMS or Microsoft Windows NT. This next-level performance and headroom are powered by Digital’s 64-bit Alpha technology, using the company’s pioneering work in clustering. The 64-bit very large memory (VLM64) gives exceptional database application capacity and performance, but the investment is protected by some of the industry's best I/O scalability, using the industry-standard 64-bit PCI. And Digital puts its money where its mouth is by providing a three-year warranty, supported by a world-class service organization.

For more complex Internetworking applications, Digital’s flagship AlphaServer 8400 "TurboLaser" platform provides the industry’s most complete 64-bit platform. This platform's value and performance led Internet leaders like Netscape, Lycos and, of course, DEC's own AltaVista to settle on the AlphaServer 8400 to provide the huge capacity, fast response times and utter reliability Web surfers have come to expect – even though most have no inkling of the quality and degree of engineering design skills needed to provide it.

AlphaServer 8400 platforms can handle an incredible 14 Alpha processors running at 612 MHz, handling 28 gigabytes of memory. This means nearly unlimited scalability and incredible speed of applications. At these operating levels, the AlphaServer 8400 is probably the world’s most powerful, scalable and reliable single or clustered-solution system.

Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC)
146 Main Street
Maynard, MA 01754-2571

Tel: 800-DIGITAL, 508-493-5111
Fax: 508-493-8780
Direct sales: 800-642-4532 (Digital PC/PCs Compleat)
Tech support: 800-354-9000

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12. Best Email Client and Mail Management Tool
Qualcomm -- Eudora Pro 3

Accepting the award: Tracy Crowe, Product Marketing Manager

Eudora Pro 3 - splashWith the Internet/Intranet email client Eudora Pro, you are not limited to plain text messages. Exchange stylized letters, voice messages with QUALCOMM’s PureVoice, software, attachments, hot links, even animated greeting cards-rich, meaningful, information that’s personal and customized to your taste.

There is a built-in spelling checker. Mail management filters help you save time and stay organized. Filters automatically label and file and sort your mail into mailboxes, automatically forward email to other locations or persons, send automated replies, alert you when important messages arrive, and more. A customizable Address Book stores complete contact information and addresses email. You can manage all of your email accounts in one place. Enhanced Find helps quickly locate the messages you need . Stationery for automatic replies lets you automate frequent mailings and replies.

Eudora Pro 3 supports Internet Multiple format attachments for hassle-free exchange of messages and attachments including graphics, sound bites, video clips, spreadsheets, or any data file. Attachments reach their destinations intact. Hot links to the web can be included in your messages. Double click on embedded addresses that launch your web browser, lets you download data via FTP, and more.

Eudora Pro 3 grows as your needs grow. Plug-ins let you add even more capabilities as they become available from third parties. Recent addition of PGP in version 3.03 is a good example.

The new Extended Messaging Services Application Programming Interface (EMSAPI) allows you to use email to do things you’d never imagined before, such as foreign language translation, encryption, compression, and more.

Eudora (Division of Qualcomm Inc.)
Mr. Tracy Crow, Product Marketing Manager
6455 Lusk Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92121-1779

Tel: 800-238-3672 or 619-658-1291

Fax: 619-658-1500

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13. Best Web Browser Suite
Netscape Communicator 4.0

Accepting the award: Edith Gong, Group Product Manager

Netscape logoNetscape Communications Corporation, based in Mountain View, California, is the premier provider of open software for enabling individuals and companies to exchange information and conduct commerce over the Internet, intranets, and extranets. Founded in 1994 by James H. Clark, who also founded Silicon Graphics, and Marc Andreessen, the creator of NCSA Mosaic software, Netscape has grown as phenomenally fast as the Internet itself.

Netscape offers a full line of open software to create a "Networked Enterprise" - a seamless network environment. The latest releases of Navigator and Communicator 4.0 put Netscape at the pinnacle of browser development and recent releases of competing browsers have not overcome that lead.

Netscape Communicator provides a comprehensive set of Internet and Intranet components that integrates open email, groupware, editing, push delivery of information, calendaring, and browsing tools to allow users to easily communicate, share and access information.

With Netscape Communicator, users can be more productive in their everyday work with this suite of tools. Communicator is designed to be easy to use with a consistent user interface across all components, which simplifies the learning curve.

Netscape Communicator has powerful features, yet is built on open Internet standards and gives users the utmost flexibility and interoperability, both inside and outside the organization.

Netscape Communications Corporation
Maggie Young and Dave Bottoms
501 East Middlefield Road
Mountain View, CA 94043

Tel: 650-254-1900
Fax: 650-528-4124

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14. Outstanding File Transfer and Management Tool
WS_FTP Professional (V.4.12)

Accepting the award: John Junod (Chief Technology Officer) and Roger Greene (President & Founder) Ipswitch, Inc.

WS_FTP - boxWS_FTP Pro is highly acclaimed by webmasters, network administrators, and thousands of Internet-savvy user. WS_FTP Professional is widely recognized as the fastest, most powerful Windows FTP client available. With WS_FTP Pro, you can connect your PC to remote FTP servers on the Internet, browse through directories and files, and quickly transfer files. WS_FTP Pro takes full advantage of Windows’ point and click capabilities. With its side by side directory windows for local and remote sites, selecting and transferring files couldn’t be easier.

With WS_FTP Pro, you can connect to any remote system that has a valid Internet address and an FTP server, browse through directories and files, and transfer files in either direction. In addition, you can create, change, and remove directories and view, execute, rename, or delete files. WS_FTP Pro also supports anonymous logons, which enables you to access the vast store of information on anonymous FTP sites throughout the Internet.

Key Features: Drag and drop capabilities to simplify and speed up your file transfer tasks. Session profile support for connecting and logging on to frequently accessed remote sites. Advanced session profile support for timeouts, specifying port numbers, passive file transfers, and firewall usage. Support for ASCII, binary, L8, and autodetect file transfer modes and over 30 remote file systems. Auto re-get feature automatically resumes interrupted transfers upon reconnect. Helpful file maintenance options prevent overwriting of same or newer files and preserve the original file date and time from remote host (Windows 95 and NT versions). Command line support for multiple file transfers helps automate and streamline file maintenance operations.

Ipswitch, Inc.
81 Hartwell Avenue
Lexington, MA 01810

Tel: 781-676-5700 or 800-793-4825
Fax: 781-676-5710

Customer support phone: 781-676-5700 (6 AM-3 PM PT)
Customer support email:

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